Quantify and Communicate Cyber Risks in Dollars.

The RQ software platform is engineered to automatically measure and deliver business analytics about your cyber risks.

Secure Business Performance with Cyber Risk Analytics

Monitor and communicate cyber risk financially

Prioritize security exposures based on business risk

Drive security investments with ROI metrics

Defend security decisions with data-driven results

Take the Guesswork out of Risk Quantification

Model and Predict Risk Scenarios

Leverage existing data on the business assets and IT systems to map an inside-out, unified view of the risk environment. Model probable attack scenarios against key areas of exposures to predict business outcomes and stay ahead of unacceptable losses.

Quantify Cyber Risk in Business Terms

Quantify and monitor potential financial impacts of cyber risks over time. Armed with metrics like business disruption, reputational damage, and legal fines, leaders can proactively escalate security initiatives.

Recommend and Drive Smart Action

Activate risk mitigation plans with recommended security controls to reduce loss exposures. Calculate the ROI of these investments to underpin budget proposals and defend security decisions.

Watch how RQ Works

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This is outstanding. And the numbers just hit you in the face. You can't argue with data!

Small Credit Union

RQ's power is in its ability to integrate industry standards and vetted industry sources for loss probability and correlate it to our unique internal footprint.

Regional Credit Union

We spent 4 months on a manual questionnaire-based risk assessment that came back with $50M in loss exposure. RQ took 4 days to compute loss exposure at $48M.

National Entertainment Company


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