Prioritize Cyber Risks in Dollars

RQ is an automated cyber risk platform engineered to deliver financially-quantified intelligence and mitigation options specific to each business. RQ bridges the gap between security leaders and the C-Suite, helping to answer the question, "Where should I place my next cyber investment?"


Cybersecurity Equipped with Financially-Quantified Intelligence:

Integrate Cybersecurity into Business Strategy

Prioritize and monitor cyber alongside enterprise risks to align action plan with company initiatives

Transfer Cyber Risks Intelligently

Collaborate with business leaders to weigh the costs of mitigating a risk, transferring a risk, or accepting a risk

Justify Cybersecurity Spend

Evaluate the ROI of a security initiative's ability to reduce business loss exposures

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Establish Asset Lineage

Gather business and IT data using RQ's step-by-step wizard. RQ's System Builder models a holistic picture of a company's environment by establishing lineage between business assets, applications, and the underlying IT infrastructure. Build a continuous process by automatically integrating RQ with vulnerability, asset management, and financial systems.

Financially Quantify Cyber Risk

Model risk scenarios powered by thousands of risk calculations that analyze attack paths against the established company environment. RQ computes probability and severity of key loss events including:

  1. Revenue loss
  2. Business disruption
  3. Contract loss
  4. Reputation loss
  5. Regulatory fines

Mitigate Cyber Risks

Generate a list of recommended controls to reduce loss exposure. Trace the potential loss to the area of impact and strategize action plan with current, verifiable intelligence.


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