Real-Time, Automated Threat Detection

AtomicEye CP detects, prevents, and remediates attacks as they are happening, even in volatile memory, without relying on signatures of any kind.


How AtomicEye CP Works

High Fidelity Blueprint

CP discovers, audits, and maps your entire network—inventorying millions of attributes (applications, patches, files, processes, services, active ports). It detects with certainty any malicious files, without whitelists or signatures.

Core Emulation

CP then constructs a virtual replica of your specific environment, and deploys real attacks to reveal exploitabilities.

Risk Analytics

The resulting damage report allows you to determine and prioritize risks—and the resulting financial impacts. CP recommends fixes for high priority tasks.

See AtomicEye in Action


"With AtomicEye CP, I feel bullet proof. Moreover, I have experienced on many occasions the benefit of being able to surgically repair my systems without having to re-image a machine or take anything offline."

Director of Technology, West Coast Financial Institution