Minimize Your Attack Surface, Maximize Business Efficiency

AtomicEye ASM continuously scans your endpoints at a granular level. Detect vulnerabilities instantaneously and execute remediation immediately with absolutely no human involvement.


How AtomicEye ASM Works

Continuous Asset inventory

An intelligent agent installed on every authorized device continually inventories all software and operating systems, providing uninterrupted visibility.

Configuration Management and Remediation

ASM identifies, tracks, and timestamps changes—including unauthorized downloads, communications, and executables. When configuration violations are detected or security controls are violated, remediation is automatic.

Control Enforcement

ASM enforces controls on every system across the entire organization, worldwide. Plus, customize critical security and compliance audit controls by device group, including application security.

See AtomicEye in Action


"AtomicEye ASM has saved us an incredible amount of time and effort in implementing configuration standards and auditing for compliance throughout our environment. It has given us a level of visibility we simply did not have before."

Senior VP IT, Mid-Sized Bank