Empowering organizations to protect their digital assets and better understand and manage risks


Nehemiah Security has worked with organizations and agencies around the world to analyze where the most pressing exposures are and calculate the associated risks. This is a necessary—and often overlooked—first step in creating an intelligent plan for the systems, processes and peopled needed for an organization to effectively operate its business safely and securely. Learn more about the Nehemiah Security Cyber Risk Assessment and how it can help guide you toward the most effective investment of your security budget.



The cyber industry is fast-moving and constantly changing. It is virtually impossible for an entire organization—from the top executive to the front-line employee—to stay current on the important cyber policies, practices and safeguards. A regularly-refreshed program is critical to reducing the risks from, and impact of, key exposures including insider and third-party threats. Learn how Nehemiah Security’s training programs can elevate the knowledge and sensitivity of your entire organization.


“Nehemiah Security has been instrumental in establishing, rolling out, and reinforcing our cyber best practices. The more these messages get communicated, the fewer issues we find that we have.”

—VP Human Resources, hospital facility