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Definitive Guide to Cyber Risk Analytics

Are you ready to start quantifying cyber risk effectively?

Senior business leaders are asking themselves tough questions about cybersecurity, such as: “What are our top cyber risks?” and “Am I allocating my cybersecurity resources in the right areas?” To answer such questions accurately you need a rigorous process to measure and analyze your cyber risk. As a security leader, you also have to communicate the results effectively to the business. The majority of companies, however, measure cyber risk using simple risk measurement practices and generalized simulations. This speculative approach makes it difficult for security leaders to provide executives with the defensible metrics they need to make informed decisions about how to deal with cyber risk. This guide is intended to:
  • Advance the management conversation by providing practical advice on developing financially-quantified cyber risk metrics
  • Help you recognize the challenges associated with common risk measurement methods
  • Help you understand the power of cyber risk analytics and the value of adding cyber risks to the existing corporate risk register
Even the most progressive companies are just starting their journey toward managing cyber risk effectively. This guide is designed to help you proceed down that path. Download our Definitive Guide  to Cyber Risk Analytics today!

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