Data Scientist


Nehemiah Security is in search of Mid to Senior level Data Scientist. The data scientist will be responsible for creating models that pertain to our customers’ vulnerability to cyber attack given technical details of how the customer’s technology infrastructure is set up; and models that pertain to how a customer’s business is financially exposed to an attacker exploiting those vulnerabilities. The Data Scientist will report to the Global Chief Technology Officer.

In order to make the models relevant to a specific customer, the successful candidate will have to work with data that considers the current cyber threat environment globally, the customer’s exposure to those threats (in terms of their technology infrastructure’s configuration) and the financial losses that those threats could cause. Since the models are of a range of possible attacks, considering the personality and motivation of the attacker, as well as the possible responses from the company, the models must produce a range of outputs at different probabilities.

The Buzz on Nehemiah Security

Nehemiah Security is a fast-growing cybersecurity software company with a passion for building great software. We are leading the way in transforming how companies manage their cyber risk. Here’s what’s important to us: our people, adding value to our customers, innovation, creativity, hard work, persistence, fearlessness, speed, passion, faith, and teamwork. We're growing fast and we're looking for hard working people who are driven by professional and personal growth to help us disrupt the cyber analytics market. Rated as one of the top 25 best places to work in the Washington DC area, Nehemiah Security is an awesome company to join that can help launch and define your career.


What You’ll Do

  • Designing models that can produce both the magnitude and probability of a company losing money due to multiple cyber events
  • Designing models that can produce both the magnitude and probability of a company incurring indirect, longer term losses related to reputation damage
  • Designing sensitivity models that can capture the financial effect of the theft of an organization’s secrets
  • Working with the other members of the data science team to build a complete set of models that consider the types of attack, the personalities and motivations of the attacker, the customer infrastructure’s resilience to those attacks and the response of the defenders within the customer
  • Working with the developers and subject matter experts in cybersecurity, IT and business infrastructure in order to design and specify the required inputs to any models, and how to go about gathering them from the customer’s environment or the global threat landscape
  • Working with the development and architecture teams to take proof of concept models and productise them
  • Working with the QA team to ensure that the outputs of models can be tested and validated when in production

This is a research role – the models that are built as part of this job will go into production in the RQ product. There are significant challenges to overcome in building models that will operate both in a realistic challenge and can operate at scale.

What We Are Looking For In You

  • A strong background in mathematics (ideally with focus on probability, linear algebra and graph theory)
  • Experience in building mathematical models of complex systems
  • The ability to communicate with SMEs in both the technical and business spaces
  • Experience working with programming languages such as Python, R, Mathematica, or MATLAB
  • Strong Microsoft Excel skills (including VBA)
  • Science, Mathematics or Computer Science bachelor’s degree