Why Is RQ Version 3.4 So Exciting?

Nehemiah Security recently released version 3.4 of Risk Quantifier, our software that automates an enterprise’s financial risk model of cyber attacks. Although this is not considered a major release, I think I might be more excited about this release than any prior version. 

You might be asking, why does a point release cause such excitement? What’s so special about it? Afterall, it’s not even a major functionality release. But it’s not what’s in there that matters—it’s how we got there that counts.

The main change in version 3.4 is that we introduced a new dashboard. The reason we built the new dashboard (and moved other items around on the roadmap) was that the market—our customers, prospects, and partners—told us that they loved our data but wanted a simpler way to consume it.

This release is a validation of our approach to quantifying how cyber risk is working and resonating in the market. Why does it make me so excited? This release represents our customers getting value: It enables them to make smarter decisions about how to manage their cyber risk. And it means that we’re on the right track.

Other new features in Risk Quantifier version 3.4 include:

  • Empowering users to quickly assess the three most important questions regarding cyber risk: What is my financial exposure? How likely am I to be hit? Can my defenses adequately prevent an attack from succeeding?

  • Visualization of systemic risk factors that are shared across lines of business or inherited from the corporate level to a particular line of business.

  • Providing an updated Board-level scenarios dashboard with guidance related to the three most significant “what if” factors: 
      • What if the magnitude of the total financial risk changes? (What are our predicted maximum losses?)
      • What if the probability of cyber attack by type on our organization changes? (What are the chances of our being the target of a particular attack?)
      • What if the attack is successful given the current and forecasted state of IT controls? 

Check RQ out for yourself. Schedule a short meeting or request a trial. Let me know what you think!

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