Thanksgiving cybersecurity

5 Things We Are Thankful For: Cyber Edition

Thanksgiving 2018 is here! We took a poll at Nehemiah Security and came up with a few cyber things we are truly thankful for this year. Here is our list of things we are thankful for:

#1 Being on the ‘right side’ of the battle. Everyone loves “good guys” and “bad guys”. These terms have a specific meaning in cyber. We are thankful to be part of the dedicated and passionate team of professionals out there fighting for the greater good. By enabling security leaders to keep their organizations safe throughout the year, we can help to preserve things that are important to all of us, like business health, and national safety, and consumer confidence.

#2 Cyber people. These are the talented, motivated individuals who have dedicated themselves to defending important assets. It is no easy task. And failure is a regular part of the job. We have the cyber community to thank for courageously confronting these threats. The goal is thwarting attacks and minimizing damage. This starts with the frontline cyber warriors that show up to work each day.

#3 Cyber awareness. Cybersecurity issues pop up in headlines more and more. Even mainstream news stations like CNN, BBC, NYT are writing more cyber stories, raising the broad market awareness. At a more specialized level, professionals within the cyber space are also raising their level of awareness by sharing information and capturing more intelligence. The more aware everyone can be, the better able we will all be to limit the impact of cyberattacks.

#4 Cyber jobs. More cybersecurity jobs currently exist than people to fill them. We view it as an opportunity for the next wave of young professionals to take an interest in the space and bring a new perspective into the cybersecurity world. We are also happy to see more women leaders joining the cybersecurity industry as well – women now make up 20% of the cyber workforce as opposed to 11% back in 2017. We are thankful that cyber is leading the way in these areas of growth.

#5 Technology progress. News flash—cyber people are tech geeks. It is easy for us to be thankful for the cool tech advancements that keep arising like IoT, self-driving cars, 3D printing, etc. As cyber professionals, we also get to balance our excitement with the sober reality that these advancements represent new threats we must keep our eye on (job security?). Mostly, let’s just say we are thankful that we do not work in a boring space.

What does your list look like? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!