Top 7 Strange Things We Saw at RSAC 2018

Along with the rest of the cyber world, we recently returned from RSAC 2018 (RSA) in San Francisco. RSA is one of the biggest security conferences in the United States. It’s no mystery why every vendor scrambles to promote their company and make it stand out from the competition.

One tactic this year to attract attention seems to be to get weird. Here are some interesting, weird and fun things we observed at RSA 2018:

  1. Fergie performed at Forescout’s afterparty. Nothing says security like Fergie? She is a random celeb to feature at a security conference, but we enjoyed it nonetheless!
  2. Tenable Security’s donut wall. Tenable hit a hole-in-one, or shall we say hole-in-wall, with their “donut wall”. The way to a customer’s heart is still through their stomach.
  3. Suits everywhere? What happened to t-shirt and jeans for techies? Blazers abounded for many of this year’s attendees.
  4. A.K.E. Security products. This company is very interesting. They sold “security solutions” at their booth this year in the form of liniment bottles with humorous labels. Visit their website to see what we mean.
  5. Puppy booth. Yes, there was a puppy booth among the sea of RSA exhibits. Nothing more need be said.
  6. Cybersecurity + Tacos. Cybertacos was another great hit. This event jumped coasts for RSA and proved the universal appeal of both these seemingly unrelated things.
  7. Suites and Lobbies > Booths. More than a few CISO’s said they don’t invest in session passes like they used to. On the flipside, a swarm of meetings were constantly observed in all accessible hotel lobbies and suites.

We had a great time at RSA and we recommend anyone who is interested in infosec, or is looking for new products to try, or just wants to meet like-minded people, go to this event.

What else did you see at RSA this year that should be on our “strange” list?