Nehemiah Security Releases Risk Quantifier 3.0

TYSONS CORNER, VA /PRNewswire/ -- Nehemiah Security, the industry leader in automated cyber risk quantification, announces the general availability of Risk Quantifier™ 3.0, a powerful SaaS solution to continuously measure and assess the magnitude of financial losses associated with cyber risk, enabling businesses to make more informed governance, investment and operational decisions. This new release includes advanced features that help companies identify cyber risk and quantify the magnitude of potential financial losses in real time, providing detailed information about attacks and losses, and delivering even more visibility into the attack landscape and how it might affect their business.

"Risk Quantifier (RQ) 3.0 is the result of extensive input from our early adopters," said Jerry Caponera, Vice President of Product and Cyber Risk at Nehemiah Security. "The growing requirement for businesses to actually manage their cyber risk as a business risk, instead of just giving it lip service and hoping for the best, is real, and it's exciting that organizations are taking steps along this path and seeing real results."

RQ automates cyber risk management by applying expert risk and financial models based upon the most current market information and layering this data into established cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST and MITRE ATT&CK™ to visualize the effects over time. This core RQ 3.0 capability facilitates how organizations report cyber risk to their Boards of Directors, reducing the time and effort required from months to hours.

This release of Risk Quantifier 3.0 helps companies with several new features and capabilities, including:

  • An interactive chart that enables companies to quickly visualize financial loss exposure by actor, attack type, motivation, and target, delivering greater information about attacks and losses.
  • An aggregated view of material risks in financial terms that provides enhanced contextual information flow for better insights and details to guide immediate actions.
  • New Loss Limitation curves that address a range of probabilities, allowing customers to see additional details of losses at different levels of certainty.
  • More probability models incorporating more facets of your corporate estate, and greater capabilities to visualize and adjust your models.
  • Ability to create visual models of Impact Vectors that incorporate multiple attack vectors, threat actors and attack motivators (ransom, malicious intent, breach).
  • A centralized web-based management console for both cloud and on-premise installations.
  • The ability to view—and mange—a financial Risk Threshold, which enables customers to understand what their limits are and should be around material cyber risks.
  • The means to monitor cyber risk changes continuously with the ability to look at risk not as a static point in time, but a dynamic, portfolio-based view of risk.
  • Industry standard views of financial risk in terms of Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE), Single Loss Expectancy (SLE), and innovative, advanced views of Annualized Rate of Occurrence (ARO), which is based on your technical environment
  • Automated modeling that enables results in hours vs. weeks, with the ability to tune and tweak the model as needed, ensuring customers have insight and control of the results.

"Nehemiah Security is thrilled to announce the availability of Risk Quantifier 3.0," said Paul Farrell, CEO of Nehemiah Security. "Our ongoing investment in the product provides even greater automated measures of cyber risk loss, improving your ability to make intelligent cybersecurity investments that produce the greatest return, and to reduce your corporate exposure and risk. It also extends our market leadership in this expanding and important market."

Risk Quantifier 3.0 is available now for new and existing customers.

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Nehemiah Security provides a simple SaaS solution, Risk Quantifier™ (RQ), that continuously measures financial loss associated with cyber risk to enable business leaders to make more informed business decisions. RQ automates cyber risk quantification in hours, not months. By reducing the effort and costs associated with quantifying risk, businesses of all sizes can benefit from a better understanding of risk and the ROI of security investments. Learn more about RQ and cyber risk quantification at

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