Nehemiah Security Adds Tritium Corporation to Portfolio


Acquires technology that boosts endpoint sensing without disrupting normal operations; improves company’s ability to proactively manage network security

TYSONS CORNER, VA, May 5, 2015 — Nehemiah Security, an internationally recognized supplier of cybersecurity solutions and services to enterprise and government clients worldwide, has acquired Tritium Corporation, a software development group that specializes in creating advanced digital solutions designed to boost endpoint detection capabilities and proactively manage network security.

“This is another important acquisition on the path towards our vision of how cybersecurity will work in the future,” says Paul Farrell, CEO of Nehemiah Security. “Tritium was a small, forward-thinking development firm with a big vision when it came to digital forensics. In acquiring Tritium, we not only added a group of dedicated, highly talented cybersecurity programmers to our team, but also made a big leap toward a powerful cybersecurity solution designed to boost endpoint management and detection. We’ll continue to develop this solution with the aim of releasing it commercially in late 2016,” says Farrell.

The new sensor solution uses a standards-based, kernel-level detection approach to allow companies to filter events on endpoints across an infrastructure and identify malicious behavior without impacting endpoint or network performance. This approach prevents attackers from altering or erasing their footprints. That, in turn, allows analysts to trace a compromise back to the point of entry or far enough downstream to see what other activities the intruder has initiated.

Nehemiah plans to add a digital interface to the solution that will enable hunt team members to manage network security proactively. The interface will let hunt team members trace back from the point of detection, using secured records, to the Index Event and find a commonality between similar sequences. They can then define new indicators of compromise (IoC) to improve detection and significantly close the gap between Index Event and detection.

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