Nehemiah Security Announces Acquisition of Siege Technologies

Expands Portfolio with Predictive Performance Solutions to Model, Map, Quantify and Forecast Attacker Capabilities

Tysons Corner, VA – November 15, 2016 – Nehemiah Security, an internationally recognized supplier of cybersecurity software and services to enterprise and government organizations, today announced its acquisition of Siege Technologies, an advanced research and development company. The addition of Siege and its elite suite of offensive and defensive cybersecurity technologies and services bolsters Nehemiah’s ability to protect its clients’ most valuable digital assets and model future protection needs. This represents the fourth cybersecurity acquisition for Nehemiah Security since 2015.

Siege is an elite provider of offensive and defensive cyber analysis and capabilities to some of the largest, most security-sensitive organizations in the world. Their unique position within the industry provides them with unparalleled visibility into leading edge cybersecurity techniques and technologies.

“As we continue to expand our cybersecurity solution offering, Siege will play an invaluable role in research and development,” said Paul Farrell, CEO of Nehemiah Security. “Our plan is to invest in Siege’s growth and have them continue to operate just like they have over the past eight years. By helping their clients solve the world’s toughest cyber challenges, Siege will ensure that Nehemiah Security operates on the very frontlines of cyber technology. Siege will be generating innovative technologies that we can commercialize to improve the security posture of our broad set of clients.”

An example of this innovative technology is Siege’s threat quantification engine, engineered to replicate a network configuration at a high level of detail within minutes and mathematically predict the effects of offensive and defensive cyber operations. This threat quantification engine, available commercially in December, enables a simulation capability that provides teams with powerful insights into how their network would stand up to a wide range of real-world exploits. Many CISO’s are unable to measure or report on the current security of their systems, which is a critical capability of a progressively improving security program. Siege’s threat quantification engine delivers the analytical models capable of identifying critical network vulnerabilities and predicting attacker capabilities, making it possible to measure and optimize an organization’s security configuration.

“Joining Nehemiah Security enables us to invest more aggressively and deploy our services and technologies even faster,” explained Jason Syversen, CEO of Siege Technologies. “We are excited about being a part of Nehemiah’s growth engine with its strong funding and highly-experienced executive team.”

Prior to this acquisition, Nehemiah Security announced the addition of AtomicEye to its portfolio in October through the acquisition of Triumfant. By automating anomaly detection and empowering near real-time threat prevention, Nehemiah puts the power back in the hands of the security operations team and eliminates reliance upon signatures, files, indicators of compromise, and a team of analysts to investigate and respond to all threats. The inclusion of Siege’s elite offerings is the next step in Nehemiah Security’s plan to change the game for security operators through a more complete cybersolution.

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