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Event Review: SAP GRC

Our team attended the SAPInsider GRC 2018 event last week in Las Vegas—it was powerful! We want to share some of our notes in case you weren’t able to make it (or are considering attending next year).

What were the top 3 things you learned at the event?

-The RQ value proposition of quantifying cyber risk in financial terms resonated strongly with GRC professionals. We heard many comments like “we don’t currently have any cyber items represented on our risk register, and your RQ solution would allow us to change that.”

-The name of the game across the GRC industry is automate and integrate. The ability to eliminate both silos of information and manual processes sat at the center of many conversations.

-People really like branded socks as booth swag!

Describe the most interesting conversation you had?

Conversations with services and consulting firms were very enlightening. They recognized the power of RQ in two ways.

-The ability to get GRC, Cyber, and the C-Suite in the same room to talk about risk in common business terms.

-We heard much about how consulting firms strive to validate the controls they implement for their clients or suggestions they make. Many consultants remarked on the power of risk quantification products like RQ can be that validation tool they need.

What did you like most / least about the event?

I really liked how diverse the conference was. There were two main tracks, fairly evenly split between Finance and GRC. Among attendees, there was a healthy mix of industries, business sizes and regions represented. We were one of the only cyber-specific vendors there. Oh, and it was at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, which was a bonus.

The event coordinators from SAPInsider did a fabulous job of keeping the trains running and ensuring a successful show for everyone involved.

Would you recommend we attend this show again next year? What would you do differently?

100% if your target audience includes GRC and / or Finance professionals, this conference is a must attend.

The event schedule was jam packed for three full days. The third day it would have been nice to have another happy hour or gathering. By that time we were all familiar with each other and relationships were starting to form.