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2018 Cyber Risk Analytics Market Survey

As researchers, we devote our waking hours (and sometimes sleeping) to “finding the answer.” The irony is, we constantly walk around with a ton of questions! These days at Nehemiah Security, many of our questions surround things like “What are companies doing to measure cyber risk?”

This is where you come in.

Introducing the 2018 Cyber Risk Analytics Market Survey. We want to chart the course for companies attempting to quantify their cyber risk in financial terms. Where are they starting? What are the obstacles they are facing? Who owns cyber risk in the organization? By capturing a baseline of data, and tracking it over the next few years, we are setting out to help the market climb this mountain called cyber risk analytics.

Here is what we envision for the research journey over the next few years. We would love for you to join us on this journey if you are in the Cybersecurity arena. See below for opportunities to participate:

  1. 2018—Year of the Baseline. While many companies have started down the cyber analytics path, we have not met one that has it figured out yet. So we are going to establish a baseline of what companies are doing, and where they are starting from. Our Cyber Risk Analytics Market Survey will be a key component of the work we do this year. We also want to continue the conversation through our podcast, CyberTangent, as well as a series of small summits. Let us know if you want to be part of the inaugural team.
  2. 2019—Best Practices Emerge. After a year of capturing data and spurring the conversation, we expect that patterns and best practices will emerge in 2019. We will be on the close lookout for these, and will be sharing them as quickly as we identify them. Some of the best practices we will be tracking will include early adopters of cyber risk analytics software, and those companies that have installed a Chief Risk Officer. We are eager to note the impact these particular trends have on the organizations that employ them. If you have experiences to share, please connect with us.
  3. 2020—Trends Take Root. It takes a few data points to establish trends, so by 2020 we predict that trends will start to emerge. Trends are powerful because they harness the collective intelligence and experiences of the market and start to point in the right direction for everything from goal setting, to team composition, to tools and software. Again, connect to us and we will share the trends as they are revealed.

“How can I help?” I am so glad you asked! If you are involved with detecting, managing, or mitigating cyber risk in your company, we want to hear from you and work with you. There are 3 ways you can jump on this train with us:

  1. Click here to take our brief, 10-minute survey. The survey is anonymous. If you want a sneak preview of the results, just provide your email at the end.
  2. CyberTangent is our podcast. We enjoy chatting with other cyber professionals and cyber risk analytics experts in particular. We welcome the chance to have you as our guest on CyberTangent, just reach out.
  3. Cyber Risk Summit. We host small, 10-15 person groups every few weeks all around the country. These are working sessions where cyber professionals can share notes and experiences, and learn from each other, in intimate, facilitated settings. To apply to participate in one of our Cyber Risk Summits, email Caz at
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