Getting Started with RQ 2.7

What does getting started with RQ really look like? How long does it take to get fully implemented? This and many other questions may be circulating in your mind as you decide how to plan on moving forward with our tool if you just purchased it or what that engagement MIGHT look like if you are considering buying. In this blog, we want to walk you through an approximate timelin [...]

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Definitive Guide to Cyber Risk Analytics: Chapter 1

In this chapter, you will: • Understand why cyber risk is a business problem • Recognize the challenges of communicating cyber risk • See why cyber risk analytics is a business imperative “If no mistakes have you made, yet losing you are, a different game you should play.” ― Yoda. It’s a vicious cycle. Hacker motivations have risen to new levels and [...]

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The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Don’t have time to read? Start listening to this blog post now: In business, the name of the game is to make hard choices with the hope that the decision made will pay off. IT is not exempt from these difficult decisions. Originally coined in 1992 to address quick and dirty coding in software development, technical debt has evolved to “reflect the implied costs of ad [...]

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Why the CFO and CISO need to get along

Business exists as a system to capture and expand revenue. At the heart of this system is the relationship between the CFO and the CISO. The CFO is eager to remove all barriers to revenue. In many cases, removing those barriers make the business harder for the CISO to protect. Success in the near future for businesses will be dictated in large part by the abilities of the CFO a [...]

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Guest Post: 7 Cyber Risks to Watch Out For in 2019

2018 was an eventful year that brought various security breaches, many of which made headlines. The year proved that even large organizations fall into the hands of hackers. This is why cybersecurity is among the top current internet issues that have been stressing business leaders constantly. There are a lot of threats to expect in 2019, and if we make the effort to avoid t [...]

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Cyber Risk Quantification: Building the Test Range

Don't have time to read? Start listening to this blog post now: Determining the likelihood of an attack succeeding in your environment is a key component to understanding the potential financial loss that you can incur. One of the methods used in the industry today is computing the Value At Risk (VaR) through Monte Carlo Simulations. Monte Carlo simulations rely on re [...]

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