Nehemiah Security Releases New Version of AtomicEye RQ

AtomicEye RQ Delivers Security Risk Management Platform Capable of Identifying Exploitabilities and Prioritizing Actions on an Automated, Continuous Basis

Tysons, VA – September 20, 2017 – Nehemiah Security, an internationally recognized supplier of cybersecurity software and services to enterprise and government organizations, today announced major upgrades to their security risk management platform, AtomicEye RQ (Risk Quantifier). By deploying live attacks on a simulation of a network, AtomicEye RQ is able to calculate a system’s exploitability and generate comprehensive risk reports that allow organizations to prioritize their security risks and initiatives according to business impacts.

“AtomicEye RQ enables board members to have the same visibility as the security analysts do into their company’s risks and cybersecurity posture,” said Paul Farrell, CEO, Nehemiah Security. “Being able to communicate and act on risks across all facets of a business is key, and we look forward to providing continued innovation in security risk management with the AtomicEye RQ platform.”

To achieve the necessary level of situational awareness, organizations must first know the vulnerabilities present in their environment, the threats they face, and the measured business impacts of their exploitabilities. Leveraging Nehemiah’s cyber innovation lab, Siege Technologies, which pioneered the prediction, measurement, and execution of offensive cyber operations for the past decade, AtomicEye RQ elevates a proven offensive model into a powerful defensive platform that assesses a network’s resiliency to being attacked by any combination of hundreds of thousands of exploits, and provides actionable intelligence that prioritizes for an organization what actions to take to make it more secure.

“When designing armor, you have to anticipate the entire array of weapons your adversary is likely to use against you. Then the only way to assess effectiveness is to actually use the weapons against the armor and calculate the damage,” describes Jason Syversen, CEO of Nehemiah Security’s innovation lab. “This is precisely the thinking behind AtomicEye RQ’s continuous-and automated-attack methodology. The advancements being made to AtomicEye RQ are just getting started, and the platform is already solving critical cybersecurity risk challenges within banks, healthcare facilities and manufacturers around the world.”

AtomicEye RQ addresses the entire security risk management landscape, and ensures sensitive business information remains secure. To accomplish this, AtomicEye RQ operates in three phases:


AtomicEye RQ discovers every device connected to the network, regardless of the protocol it uses, to address vulnerabilities by scanning the entire IT environment. Following the discovery, all hardware, software and patches are inventoried for every device, including logging their configurations, policies, and security settings. With its automated discovery capabilities, RQ provides a comprehensive and up-to-date map of the network.


AtomicEye RQ uses the discovery to build an emulation of the network, and launch attack experiments. These attacks leverage a vast library of real exploits harvested from the wild and the front-lines of cyberwarfare over the last 10 years. Hypotheticals are replaced by certainty with these experiments. Real attacks against an emulation of your real network mean you can really know the threats you face.


Following the attack experiments, AtomicEye RQ generates technical and financial risk reports. These reports allow organizations to prioritize their security risks according to their potential business impacts. The key findings include 1) A comprehensive assessment of which vulnerabilities were exploited and what damage was done; 2) A dollar number associated these identified risks – Ex: if system A is exploited to X degree, there is a 10% probability that you will face $200 million in damages; 3) A set of actionable recommendations for system changes to improve security that can be proven effective before any purchase is made.

AtomicEye RQ removes the guesswork from cybersecurity, puts control back into the hands of the security operator, and empowers security risk management across an organization. For more information on AtomicEye RQ, visit

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