3 Questions about CYBERTACOS you know you want to ask

Our team attended the annual CYBERTACOS event in Arlington, VA just the other day and we would like to answer the burning questions we know many of you have about this event. Let’s jump in:

What is CYBERTACOS? Are there any real tacos at this event?

This is a question most of us were probably wondering about when we first heard of the event. CYBERTACOS, despite the scrumptious name, is actually a cybersecurity networking event. It allows cybersecurity experts to come together, listen to some impressive panel discussions and meet other people like them. And yes, they serve soft tacos at this event!

What are the top benefits of going to this event?

First of all, definitely the networking opportunity. You are in a room with over 150 local cybersecurity professionals in a relaxed setting (tacos and drinks) – it’s impossible not to make at least one connection. This event also had delicious food and drinks and gave attendees an opportunity to meet experts in media and listen to a “Meet the Press” panel discussion.

What is the most interesting conversation you had?

There were a variety of attendees at this event: public and private sector, cybersecurity experts, IT pros, even people from industries you would not expect to see at CYBERTACOS like law enforcement, events and media. Therefore, the conversations were definitely intriguing. We managed to find a lot of like-minded individuals interested in discussing Cyber Risk Analytics. So we would say those conversations about risk quantification and how to “work smart, not hard” were the best ones we had.

Bonus: Is there anything you liked least about the event?

Despite the event being such a success, there is one thing that made us rather HANGRY…. The tacos did not come out early enough! But when they did, the crowd roared with excitement and all was well again.

So in conclusion, yes – we think it is definitely worthwhile to attend this event if you are in the DC/VA/MD area. Stay crunchy!

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